Body Therapies

Duration 100 min. treatment

Revitalizing massage Oriental scalp massage.

Enjoy a revitalizing massage with natural homemade papaya cream to awake your senses. With this Massage involves a combination of different pressures to release muscle pain. Your body will be wrapped with banana leaves to help the absorption of the nutrients of the papaya wrap. This wrap is rich in vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxyl acids. Continue with 10 different scalp massages and finish your treatment with 10 minutes of a Vichy Shower.

Duration 35 min

This deep tissue massage concentrates on your back and shoulders combined with therapeutic stretching to release stress from the muscles and joints.

Duration 35 min

A steady, soothing stream of warm herbal essences will drip on your forehead until you reach a high point of relaxation. It’ll soothe your scalp allowing healthy hair growth and a peaceful frame of mind.

Duration 70 min

A traditional Swedish Massage and Shiatsu to work on the breathing and stretching of Meridian Points to release blocked energy.


Duration 70 min

Alongside with an intensive massage, we lay hot stones on energy points to open and increase the body’s balance.


Duration 70 min

A deep therapeutic massage with exotic organic oils as well as stretching techniques to release the muscles and joints.

Duration 70 min

Enjoy a deep and relaxing massage with a friend or romantic partner while facing the exotic tropical forest in side-by-side tables.

Duration 50 min

This exotic massage uses the element of water to purify and cleanse. It releases blocked energies from your body, and features the hand therapy. This relieves muscle tension and back pain. The rain massage is a divine and refreshing therapy. It calms the nervous system, promotes spirituality, and provides a peaceful balance to your mind and body.

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